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PCKeeper Live

Introducing PCKeeper Live, a new way to care for your PC. Its unique technology allows real certified technical specialists to spot errors, glitches and other issues on your PC and fix them remotely.

  • Windows Optimization
  • Spyware/Malware/ Adware Removal
  • Increased Internet Speed
  • Reduced Boot Time
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PCKeeper Live Presentation at CES 2014

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  • Diagnose your PC

    PCKeeper Live gathers non-personal system information from your PC and sends it to technical experts who analyze it for any issues.

    • Remote Diagnostic
    • Analysis by a Certified Expert
  • Understand what went wrong

    Our experts can clarify all of the issues detected during the scan in layman's terms and explain what went wrong and what you need to know.

    What went wrong?

    See all of your PC problems broken down into three simple categories.

    How bad is it?

    Visual indicators let you know what kind of impact these problems can have on your PC.

    What does that mean?

    Each problem is explained in layman's terms simple enough for anyone to understand.

  • Apply your fix with one click

    We do all the work for you.

    All you need to do to apply your expert's solution and fix your computer is click.

What PCKeeper Live can fix

There is a lot of “optimization” software out there that can detect and “fix” a multitude of errors on your PC without significantly improving your performance or your PC experience. In order to get noticeable improvement, you need a real human technician, and no PC software is as intelligent as a real human. That is why we have developed technology that brings a personal PC expert directly to you. With PCKeeper Live, a Microsoft-certified expert will be able to take care of your PC remotely. That way, sophisticated errors that fly under the radar of those other programs can easily be found and you can get a customized fix designed specifically for your PC.


  • Remove Toolbars

    Unwanted toolbars can change your browser settings, slow down your internet connection and compromise your privacy.

  • Uncover Suspicious Software

    Many PC users are unaware of some of the software that has been downloaded onto their PCs. We identify suspicious programs and submit them for your review.

  • Configure Your Firewall

    Sometimes firewall settings are changed by malicious applications in order to bypass your PC's security and hold your PC hostage.

  • Eliminate System Errors

    Over time, all Windows PCs accumulate dozens of system errors that inevitably cause the PC to slow down. Our technical experts have a fix for each error.

  • Remove Spyware / Malware / Adware

    Third-party software can harbor spyware, malware and adware. We monitor third-party software installed on your PC and remove any harmful infections.

  • Protect Your Privacy

    Websites have many tactics for tracking your online activities, such as storing tracking cookies. We identify and remove these files to preserve your privacy.

  • Correct Registry Errors

    Windows Registry errors can cause countless different PC malfunctions and problems. We safely correct any registry errors to ensure a problem-free Windows experience.

  • Clean Up Junk

    All PCs have junk files, which take up space and reduce performance. We can clean up the junk without harming any of your personal files.

  • Reduce Your Boot Time

    If Windows is taking a long time to boot up, it may be because of the many different programs and services that are set to run every time you start your PC. We can help you choose which services you don't need so that you can speed up your boot time.

  • Optimize Windows Processes

    Get expert advice on which services you need or don't need running in the background and optimize your Windows experience.

  • Check For Updates

    Keeping your Windows and security software up to date is crucial to staying safe online. Our experts regularly check your system to make sure everything is updated.

  • ... and much more
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